ReServe: A New Approach to “Retirement” Careers

As someone whose business (Andler Resource Group) offers “outside the box” solutions for nonprofits and social-benefit businesses, I was intrigued to learn about ReServe, a new nonprofit organization that describes itself as “an innovative resource that matches continuing professionals 55+ with the nonprofits that need them.”

According to NY

“ReServe began in 2005, and is now up and running in Miami and Westchester in addition to New York City.  The next launch will be in Baltimore, and plans are proceeding in Milwaukee, Newark and Boston.

“The concept of retirement is fading,” said Mary S. Bleiberg, ReServe’s executive director.  “There is a steady increase in people over 65 going into or staying in the workforce.  People are realizing they’re going to be around a lot longer, and there’s a limited number of golf clubs they can swing.” Continue reading