Independently Aging…Together is intended to be a companion blog to the Villages NW website, which was developed  in order to support the creation of a Network  of multiple, aging-in-place, “Beacon Hill style” Villages throughout the Portland metro-area.

IAT also provides Chana (the principal blogger) with the opportunity to reflect on the aging options currently available, and to champion better alternatives—whatever and wherever those may be.

So if you too are interested in “independently aging  together!” we invite you to share your insights and join us on the journey.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for being a new follower of my blog. I like what you’re doing– not surprising since it sounds like you’re based in Portland, where I grew up –in fact I just came back from there 4 days ago (didn’t mind the “showers”). In addition to the Beacon Hill Project, which began a few decades ago as you know, NY’s Westchester County’s villages began “Aging in Place” initiatives several years ago…good, bright people behind this. (I’ve lived in NY for a long time now and could provide a contact, if you’re interested.) Good luck in your important work.

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