Elderblogs You May Have Missed

This past weekend I spent several lovely hours going through the Elderblog Roll on Ronni’s Time Goes By blog.  Here are some that caught my eye, which I will be adding to this site’s blog list.   Enjoy checking them out,  if you don’t know about them already.


The Little Old Lady Stays Put

Moving Through Grief

Journey to a New Life

Reflections from a Retirement Facility


For Adult Children of Aging Parents

The New Old Age

As Our Parents Age

Help Aging Parents

Minding Our Elders


The Next Stage: Women & Retirement

Post Work Savvy: Inspirations for a Successful Retirement

Satisfying Retirement

Political & Social Commentary

Without the State: Building a New Society Within the Shell of the Old One

Pied Type


Mature, Not Senile

NW Bloggers

The Local Omnivore

Time Goes By

Rainy Day Thoughts

A Slower Pace

A Little Red Hen

Celeste Bergin




Blogs for/about Boomers

Who Moved my Dentures?

Aging Us

Baby Boomers View


Tech & Social Media

Aging Online
Informational Blogs

Spotlight on Elder Abuse

Changing Aging Blogstream

Entitled to Know: The Truth about Medicare & Social Security

Family Finance

The Family Plot

My Elder Advocate

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