Most Americans Want a Walkable Neighborhood, Not a Big House

“The symbol of American success often involves having the biggest house possible, but our outsized fantasies seem to be shifting. According to a new survey, more than three quarters of us consider having sidewalks and places to take a walk one of our top priorities when deciding where to live. Six in 10 people also said they would sacrifice a bigger house to live in a neighborhood that featured a mix of houses, stores, and businesses within an easy walk.”

via Most Americans Want a Walkable Neighborhood, Not a Big House – Lifestyle – GOOD.

Does this mean the end of the suburbs and 7000 sq ft McMansions?  Or at least re-purposing them?  One of my realtor friends has a dream of turning the McMansions in a suburb of Portland into a kind of senior co-housing.  But I am not clear how that would address the proximity to stores and other walkability issues.

For those of us who are already thinking about aging-in-place villages in urban neighborhoods, these findings make perfect sense.  Being in a resource-rich community you can get around in without a car is good planning, since as we age many of us will reach the point where driving is no longer an option.  Not to mention, who wants to clean 7000 sq. ft?

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