Benefits of Senior Homesharing

Interesting article on Senior Homesharing from

“Homesharing can be a good choice for roommates of any age, but there are benefits for seniors that make the arrangement particularly attractive, including:

  • Independence. In many cases, having a housemate enables a senior to avoid or postpone the move to an assisted living facility. However, because potential housemates are not dedicated caregivers, senior home providers wishing to participate in these programs should be in relatively good health.
  • Rental income. An additional monthly income can help seniors on a fixed income make ends meet. Rent, if any, is negotiated between home provider and home seeker.
  • Household help. Home providers who need help with cooking, laundry, gardening, and other routine chores can choose to reduce the rent or provide housing free in exchange for a certain number of hours of assistance.
  • Transportation. Seniors who can no longer drive can request that the assistance their housemate provides includes transportation to medical appointments, the grocery store, and other places they need to go.
  • Safety. A housemate offers a measure of safety for an older person who might fall or might not react quickly in an emergency.
  • Companionship. For many seniors, someone to interact with on a daily basis is more valuable than the rental income or services they receive.
  • Peace of mind. A housemate can provide peace of mind to the senior and his or her family and friends, who may worry about their elderly loved one living alone.
I think there is a local company that matches senior roommates, but can’t remember their name.  If you know about it, please write and refresh my memory!

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